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The Issue: Minimum Wage. The Candidates? Not Exactly Crystal Clear

By Christopher S. Rugaber | Sep 25
Raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $12 would lift pay for 1 in 4 employees nationwide, according to the liberal Economic Policy Institute. But it would also boost costs for employers and may slow hiring.

Treat Your Marriage Like a Business

By Liz Weston, NerdWallet Columnist | Sep 22
My artist husband likes to say that if I were in charge of our spending, we'd be sitting on milk crates instead of furniture and that if he were in charge, we'd have no retirement accounts.

Banks Focus More on New Accounts -- and the Fees They Bring

By Ken Sweet | Sep 22
When Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf testifies before a Senate committee hearing Tuesday, it won't be just his bank under fire for turning friendly branches into high-pressure sales centers. It'll be the entire industry.

With Economic Outlook Hazy, Fed Likely to Leave Rates Alone

By Martin Crutsinger | Sep 20
Again and again in recent months, the Federal Reserve has signaled that it's edging closer to resuming the interest-rate hikes it began in December. It just doesn't seem to be there quite yet.

Freed from Ohio Police, Naked Trump Statue to be Auctioned

Sep 19
The creator of a naked Donald Trump statue that was displayed near Cleveland plans to auction it to benefit public art in that area.

Economists Say Trump's Economic Plan Is An Impossible Blend

By Jonathan Lemire and Nicholas Riccardi | Sep 18
Donald Trump has attached a price tag to an economic vision promising what many economists say is impossible: Lower taxes, a dramatic expansion in some federal programs and a slimmer government running a smaller deficit.

Venezuela's Resort Island Devastated by Economic Crisis

By Fabiola Sanchez | Sep 17
International tourists have begun to shun Venezuela in recent years as it has become one of the most violent countries in the world, and a complex currency system makes it difficult to change money.

Ask Brianna: Should I Combine Finances With My Partner?

By Brianna McGurran | Sep 17
Deciding to merge your money isn't just moving cash around. It also means choosing to trust your partner completely with your finances. You need to know that there won't be any impulse motorcycle purchases or secret wine club memberships.

Americans Favor Slightly Higher Bills to Fight Global Warming

By Seth Borenstein | Sep 16
Most Americans are willing to pay a little more each month to fight global warming - but only a tiny bit, according to a new poll. Still, environmental policy experts hail that as a hopeful sign.

Senate Candidate Calls for Suspending Congressional Pay in Stalemates

By Brian Slodysko | Sep 16
U.S. Senate candidate Evan Bayh said on Tuesday that he wants Congress to prohibit lawmakers from promoting themselves with taxpayer-funded mailings while also barring them from collecting a paycheck during a government shutdown.

1 thru 10 of 2786 Stories