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Everybody Loves Somebody

by Roger Walker-Dack
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Feb 17, 2017
'Everybody Loves Somebody'
'Everybody Loves Somebody'  

Clara (Karla Souza), the protagonist of the new comedy "Everybody Loves Somebody," seems an unlikely candidate to be a high-flying L.A. gynecologist; she seems to dislike children and actually loathes how happy all of the prospective parents are. It's not that she is not good at being a doctor, more the fact that she really is a washout when it comes to have any sort of romantic relationship of her own. When she is off duty she hangs out in her favorite bar, gets very drunk, sings bad karaoke, and goes home with the first man who asks her.

Meanwhile, after being together for 40 years, her Mexican parents have finally decided to get married in their spectacular house in Baja. To spare herself from all the usual badgering from the family, Clara knows she will have to show up with a date. The nearest man at hand is Asher Grant (Ben O'Toole), an Australian doctor who works under her and who is more than happy to accept her invitation, as he has been carrying something of a torch for her anyway.

However, at the wedding a surprise guest turns up and takes the winds out of the normally confident Clara's sails: It is Daniel (Jose Maria Yazpik), her ex-boyfriend and the big love of her life, who walked out on her over a decade ago to work with Doctors Without Borders. When they catch sight of each other it is immediately clear that they are still very much in love, but even so Clara is conflicted, as she knows that Daniel will probably leave her yet again if they started over from where they left off. Asher is also in the picture now, and he declares his hand, making it very clear that he is not going to walk away without putting up a fight for her.

This bi-lingual romantic comedy from writer/director Catalina Aguilar Mastretta happily fluctuates between Spanish and English, but is very formulaic. From the moment that Daniel turns up, it's very obvious how this is all going to pan out. However, what makes it a real crowd-pleaser -- and a delightful, easy-on-the-eye romantic comedy -- is some outstanding humor, plus head-turning performances from the cast, especially Souza as the confused and conflicted Clara, and O'Toole as the long-suffering Asher. Then, of course, there is the dramatic country setting, which is a real feast for one's eyes.

There is no deep or profound message here, just the simple note that we have all known for a long time: At the end of the day we have very little say in who we fall in love with and who we can live with happily ever after. And also, it's good to know that everybody really does love somebody.

Everybody Loves Somebody

Young and beautiful Clara Barron (Karla Souza) seems to have it all -- a great job, a beautiful house in Los Angeles and a Mexican family that loves to have fun. The only thing Barron hasn't figured out is her love life. Pressured to go to a wedding in Mexico, she asks a co-worker to pose as her boyfriend for the weekend festivities. Caught off guard when her ex shows up to the ceremony, Clara must now choose between her former beau or the possibility of a new and exciting romance.


Runtime :: 101 mins
Release Date :: Feb 17, 2017
Language :: Silent
Country :: Mexico


Clara :: Karla Souza
Daniel :: José Yazpik
Abby :: Tiaré Scanda
Max :: K.C. Clyde
Eva :: Patricia Bernal
Francisco :: Alejandro Camacho
Lilly :: Ximena Romo
Beto :: Harold Torres
Bobby :: Luke Valenzuela
Sweet Looking Guy :: Karl Kwiatkowski
Tenisha :: Samantha Neyland
Young Dad :: Santiago Lecay
Young Mom :: Amor Flores


Director :: Catalina Mastretta
Screenwriter :: Catalina Mastretta
Producer :: Francisco González Compeán
Producer :: Jose Nacif
Producer :: Ramiro Ruiz
Cinematographer :: Jon Aguirresarobe
Film Editor :: Aina Calleja
Production Design :: Sandra Cabriada
Costume Designer :: Gilda Navarro
Casting :: Isabel Cortazar

Roger Walker-Dack, a passionate cinephile, is a freelance writer, critic and broadcaster and the author/editor of three blogs. He divides his time between Miami Beach and Provincetown.


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