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Drink Tea to Boost Health

by Kyle Washburn
Health & Fitness Editor
Thursday Dec 27, 2012

Winter is officially here. Between the dropping temperatures, beginning bouts of rain, sleet and snow, and continuing darkness, peoples' motivation is falling. It becomes harder to get out of a warm bed in the morning. Many week days begin and end in darkness as we toil at work all day while it is light out. Our drive to be healthy is challenged from the onslaught of holiday goodies, treats and temptations.

Alas New Year's resolutions almost always include some sort of health kick. We try to get to the gym more often. We try to begin a morning exercise routine or one immediately after work. Inevitably many of us fall off sooner each year. Most resolutions, especially working out and behavior changes don't last more than six weeks.

Something that may assist is drinking tea. That seems easy enough, but can it really help.

There are many benefits of tea. They have many antioxidants. They warm up the body internally. They are natural. They do not require the addition of anything other than water. Some contain caffeine for the much needed pick me up. Drinking tea offers up a host of healthy benefits that just might prolong and keep you moving towards your fitness goals.

The Republic of Tea even offers up a line of teas specifically designed for an active life, called Be Active. Each tea begins with organic green rooibos, a South African legume rich in antioxidants. From there, different herbs, spices, and natural ingredients are added based on what health benefits they provide to assist with energy, flexibility, hydration, restoration, and endurance.

Below are some specific teas, including health benefit and ingredients.

Get Active: This tea is created for endurance. It features holy basil, licorice and maca root and will increase energy and stamina. Antioxidants also help protect from free radicals.

Get Limber: Flexibility is the name of the game with this tea; the ginger root and yucca extract aids to reduce joint swelling and inflammation, enable mobility, and help the body adapt to physical stresses.

Get Burning: This tangy tea is for metabolism. Ingredients like cinnamon, ginger and chili-pepper enhance the caloric burn rate and fat oxidation, not to mention assisting accelerating metabolism.

Get Hydrated: Don't forget to hydrate! This refreshing tea is high in electrolytes and boosts levels of rehydration, caused by ingredients like hibiscus and sweet dates.

Get Restored: After your workout, you need to recover. This tea is abundant in antioxidants and helps recovery by rebalancing acidity and increasing oxygenation. It tastes delicious with notes of caramel and coconut.

Instead of reaching for the usual cup of coffee, a soda or plain water, mix up some tea and gain some added health benefits.

Kyle Washburn is the National Health and Fitness Editor at Edge Publications, Inc. He earned a BS in Physiology, M.Ed in Sport Psychology and Counseling and an MBA. He is a certified personal trainer through NASM and ACE and has been training for over ten years. He is an avid triathlete, softball and tennis player, runner, hiker and enjoys the outdoors.


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