For A Good Time, Call

by Kilian Melloy
Tuesday Jan 22, 2013
For A Good Time, Call

Two mismatched women with a complicated history are thrown together by economic circumstances, with some help from a sassy gay friend played by Justin Long (never hotter than in this role).

Bawdy Katie (Ari Graynor, who also serves as executive producer) works several jobs, among them a 1-900 phone gig. Prim Lauren (Lauren Anne Miller, who co-wrote) outlines how Katie could make lots more money running her own sexy phone chat number. Soon they are bonding over kinky talk, pink push-button phones, and a box full of sex toys. (One deleted scene features a sadly cut sword fight with two gigantic dildos.)

The film's best bits are the sequences in which we see the male callers, often indulging their hobby from the workplace (a cabbie with a fare, an airplane pilot calling from the men's room -- the latter is a cameo by Seth Rogen). Otherwise, the movie sticks close to familiar tropes and narrative structure, making this an amusing, but not especially memorable, movie.

The Blu-ray / DVD release of "For A Good Time, Call..." features an unrated version along with the theatrical release. The DVD offers a handful of deleted scenes, a short promotional featurette, and audio commentary with Graynor, Miller, director Jamie Travis, and co-writer / producer Katie Ann Naylon.

The most entertaining special feature is the audio commentary, especially the scene with the cabbie, who sets off a confused debate when he makes mention of the "dick dock." Evidently, no one participating in the audio commentary track has been to Provincetown in high season (no, the "dick dock" is not a charger for an i-anything).

For A Good Time, Call...
BD/DVD Combo Pack

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