Cat People

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jan 21, 2014
Cat People

Every time I hear David Bowie's haunting theme to "Cat People," it sets me in a feline mood. It may happen to you too if you purchase Shout Factory's latest Blu-ray release under their Scream Factory moniker. It comes highly recommended if you're a fan of the underrated cult classic.

Many people were up in arms about Paul Schrader's re-telling of the 1942 movie involving a breed of panthers (disguised as humans of course) that can only mate with their own kind. If they procreate with any other human, they have to murder to go back to their original selves. It sounds hokey as all hell, but Malcolm McDowell and Nastassia Kinski play the parts of demented (McDowell) and classy/sexy (Kinski) quite well.

Kinski, as remembered, gets naked quite often in the second half of "Cat People" and the film's eroticism was highly publicized. Director Paul Schrader mentions this in his 10-minute interview segment on the special features.

Highlights of this Blu-ray are the stunning visuals that Schrader uses in flashback scenes and dream sequences. And the pulsating music score by 80's techno guru Giorgio Moroder, who is also interviewed, keeps the mystery of the film alive.

Kinski's brief interview is disappointing as she looks visibly uncomfortable and hasn't much to say about the film. But actors John Heard (who plays Kinski's lover) and Annette O'Toole are much more vibrant and have more stories to tell. And the ever-so gentlemanly Malcolm McDowell sits down for a charming discussion on his role in "Cat People." A still gallery and trailer can also be viewed.

"Cat People"

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