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Former Astronaut on the Realism of Nat Geo's "Mars"

Dec 2
Nat Geo's new miniseries "Mars" explores a fictional manned mission to the red planet in 2033. Former NASA astronaut John Grunsfeld, and the series' leading actress Jihae, joined CBSN's Josh Elliott to discuss how "Mars" blends fact and fiction.

Electric Car Factory Planned in Arizona to Have 2000 Workers

Dec 2
Electric car maker Lucid Motors said Tuesday it will build a manufacturing plant in Arizona that will begin production in 2018 as it looks to compete in the fast-growing market for luxury electric vehicles.

Truvada Delivered -- PrEP App Launches in DC on World AIDS Day

By EDGE | Dec 1
A new app, launching today in San Francisco, focuses on making Truvada for PrEP and birth control more accessible to everyone by having their medications delivered right to their door.

NYS Marks WAD With Launch of PrEP Informational Text Messaging Program

By EDGE | Dec 1
On December 1, World AIDS Day, The New York State LGBT Health & Human Services Network (The Network) will launch a personalized text message campaign called "Bust the Myths, Get the Facts" to provide info about accessing pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP.

Apple Turns (RED) For World AIDS Day

Dec 1
Apple is marking World AIDS Day by giving more than 400 of its stores a makeover in red.

Behind PayPal's Operation to Stop Cybertheft

Dec 1
Only on "CBS This Morning," John Blackstone got a tour of PayPal's command center in San Jose, California, where they're making sure cybercriminals are kept at bay.

EU Police Agency Blames Human Error for Data Security Breach

By Mike Corder | Dec 1
European Union police agency Europol on Wednesday blamed human error for a breach of its data security rules by a former staff member that reportedly led to dossiers containing information about terrorism investigations becoming visible online.

Facebook Adds Free Games Like 'Pac-Man' to Messenger App

By Barbara Ortutay | Dec 1
Facebook is adding the option to play games with your contacts on the messaging app beginning Tuesday. You can access the feature in the latest version of the app by tapping a game controller icon.

Selena Gomez Rules Instagram 2016 with Most Followers, Likes

Dec 1
Selena Gomez rules Instagram.

How Scammers Are Using Apps to Steal Your Information

Nov 30
Cyber security experts warn that smartphone shoppers could be at risk because of dangerous and sometimes counterfeit apps.

Intel to Provide Computing Power for Delphi Autonomous Cars

Nov 30
Auto parts and electronics maker Delphi Corp. has signed a deal with Intel to buy high-powered computer processors for Delphi's future autonomous-vehicle systems.

San Francisco's Public Railway System Hit by Hackers

Nov 30
Some passengers on San Francisco's public railway enjoyed free rides during part of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend after hackers infiltrated hundreds of its workers' computers and email accounts.

DirecTV Wants to Be the Next Online Substitute for Cable

By Tali Arbel | Nov 29
There are already a few online services that aim to replace cable, but they haven't attracted many users yet. AT&T's DirecTV hopes to change that with a new service announced Monday.

Gift Guide: Cool Tech Toys for the Kid in Your Life

By Bree Fowler | Nov 29
There's no shortage of fun and fairly educational items these days. New toys for the holidays include little robot friends full of personality and magnetic blocks that snap together to teach the basics of computer programing.

Looking to Get Trump Out of Your Facebook Life? Here's How

Nov 29
Recount notwithstanding, we all may have to wait for at least four years to get President-elect Donald Trump out of our lives. But thanks to the work of a developer, Facebook can end up being a Donald-free space.

1 thru 10 of 7732 Stories