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Tenn. State Sen. Beavers' Bill Aims to Make Same-Sex Marriage Illegal

Friday Feb 10, 2017

President Donald Trump considers marriage equality a "settled law" but a Tennessee Republican State Senator named Mae Beavers insists otherwise. She introduced a bill into the State Senate, defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

According to a report by WKRN, Beavers, 69, a far right wing Republican, introduced the Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act in the Senate. The same bill was filed in the House by fellow Republican Rep. Mark Pody.

Both bills argue that despite the Supreme Court's 2015 landmark ruling on marriage equality, same-sex marriage is unlawful and all unlawful orders "remain unlawful and should be resisted."

This isn't Pody and Beavers' first time to the anti-LGBT rodeo. In 2015, Pody said he was called by God to stop same-sex marriages.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I'm supposed to be speaking to the unsaved, to the people that are performing same-sex marriages, to the people involved in same-sex marriage, it is wicked, it is wrong and I am doing the best I can to warn them," Pody said.

According to Wikipedia, the 2015 version of Beavers' Natural Marriage Bill failed when after 90 minutes of testimony, the House Civil Justice Committee rejected it.

It's been a busy session for Beavers and Body. In addition to going for round two with their anti-same-sex marriage bill, they has also filed legislation an anti-transgender bathroom bill. Beavers has also refiled an anti-porn resolution that would formally declare pornography "a public health crisis, and therefore its harms are beyond the capability of the individual to address alone."


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