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7-Year-Old Ohio Girl Finds Porn Inside Her Video Game Xmas Present

Thursday Jan 5, 2017

Children know if they are naughty throughout the year, Santa won't be kind to them on Christmas Day. But the big red man's definition of naughty apparently changed for one 7-year-old Ohio girl.

Mackenzie Blankenship received a popular Nintendo Wii U game called "Splatoon" for Christmas but when she opened the case she found "Sensual Seductions 2," Ohio's NBC affilate WLWT5 reports.

Blankenship's mother, Krista Greider, said her daughter was "confused and very upset" to find the x-rated DVD instead of the video game.

"I looked over her shoulder and I grabbed it," Greider told the news station. "[I] saw the picture on it and she was just 'Why? What is that? Why are they naked?'"

Unsurprisingly, Blankenship questioned why Santa turned Xmas into XXXmas.

"I was really upset," Blankenship said. "I said, 'Why did Santa get me this?' [MY MOM] had to tell me it wasn't him."

Greider said she did her best to prevent her daughter from crying.

"I want to know how it happened and make sure that it goes up the flagpole and that Nintendo is made aware of it," Greider said.

The mother told WLWT5 she bought the game from Target and contacted them via social media about the incident. The store apologized and gave her a gift card as well.

But Greider is not satisfied and wants an explanation.

Click here to watch WLWT5's report on the incident.

[H/T The New York Daily News]


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