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Curious Moonlight

by Christopher Verleger
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jan 10, 2019
Curious Moonlight

Award-winning author Jackson Marsh invites readers to help solve a paranormal mystery in his intriguing, highly entertaining romantic novel "Curious Moonlight."

Luke Grey escapes the hustle and bustle of London city life (and a string of failed relationships) for the serene, nautical village of Madenly to reside in a vacant home his parents purchased when they were first married. Almost immediately upon arrival, Luke makes the unexpected acquaintance of Peran Box, a handsome, young stranger who offers his carpentry services.

Luke hires Peran, not just for his skills for but also as eye candy, knowing very little about the local resident, including his sexual orientation. Peran soon reveals he lives with his girlfriend, but more importantly, he confesses he sought work at Luke's place for selfish reasons.

A previous occupant, Samuel Curnow, was widely admired within the town for advising young men before they would set off on voyages at sea. Billy Penhale, an aspiring fisherman, was believed to have taken his own life during a visit with Samuel. Peran admits he has become a bit obsessed with the legend of Billy Penhale, and wanted access to the property to satisfy his curiosity. Furthermore, he convinces Luke that the angered ghost of Billy is trapped within the walls of his new dwelling.

The mystery surrounding Billy's death makes for a compelling read, rife with history about the community and interesting facts about the property and its tenants. Luke promptly shares Peran's fascination with the alleged suicide, which allows him to get to know him better - especially when Billy's ghost makes his presence known.

The budding relationship between Luke and Peran as they play amateur sleuths is equally engaging. Luke finds himself yet again falling for someone unavailable, a habit he hoped to have left behind in London, whereas Peran, whose life at home isn't exactly pleasant, has difficulty acknowledging his attraction to Luke. Nevertheless, whenever the two men manage to show any affection, Billy's ghost becomes enraged.

The characters are well developed, and I truly enjoyed sharing in both Luke and Peran's individual journeys of self-discovery. In addition, the facts about Billy and the fate of his ghost are colorful and captivating. Now that Luke and Peran have a knack for uncovering the truth, perhaps we'll hear from them again.

"Curious Moonlight"
By Jackson Marsh

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