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Suffering From 'Winter Skin Syndrome'? You're Not Alone

Wednesday Jan 9, 2019

Six in ten Americans are plagued by 'winter skin syndrome' according to new research.

A survey examining the winter ailments of 2,000 Americans saw sixty percent of respondents cite their skin as unhealthy in the winter with one in four suffering regular itching.

The research examined the frequency with which respondents experience certain winter ailments and saw the typical person battles over 20 different things each season with coughs, cold and flu symptoms and dry skin the most commonly experienced.

The new survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of CeraVe, revealed that winter skin troubles plague the majority of Americans, and 60 percent deliberately change their skincare routine in the colder months to try to tackle this.

The winter struggle afflicts so many people that 64 percent are likely to seek professional help from a dermatologist during the chillier months.

Three out four people will suffer from dry skin this winter, but that's not the only form of skin concern Americans will be forced to contend with.

Over 40 percent complain of itchiness, while three in ten are fighting off flakiness, tightness or will describe their skin as just plain old uncomfortable.

"One of the most common concerns I hear from patients during the winter months is itchiness, which is often the result of severely dry skin," said a spokesperson for CeraVe dermatologist Dr. Shari Marchbein.

The frigid temperatures bring out a war with unbearable winter skin.

This terrible 'winter skin syndrome' affects 48 percent of people who feel like their skin feels dry and flaky after exfoliating, especially in the winter.

And sadly, people are unable to wear some of their favorite materials because of how it makes their skin feel. The survey also revealed that 31 percent will avoid wool and another 37 percent avoid wearing silk.

Freezing outside often makes people turn up the heat too.

Half of the people admit to taking more hot showers in the winter in spite of the fact they can exasperate dry skin and other conditions.

Derrick Booker, Vice President of Marketing for CeraVe added,
"The skin is at the forefront of a lot of harsh elements during the winter months and we know people are concerned with the condition of their skin and the discomforts dry skin can ignite."


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