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Coronavirus — Its Impact on HIV and the LGBTQ Community

Coronavirus — Its Impact on HIV and the LGBTQ Community

By Merryn Johns | Mar 17, 2020

The WHO has declared a global pandemic as coronavirus (COVID-19), which has killed 7,500 people globally & infected over 185,000, rapidly spreads. The LGBTQ community & those living with HIV are quickly mobilizing to understand & respond.

Coronavirus Raises Concerns for People with HIV

Mar 15, 2020

With much still to be learned about the new coronavirus, experts are offering recommendations for people at higher risk for severe complications and making provisions for vulnerable populations.

Georgia Moves Closer to Major Overhaul of HIV Criminal Law

By Sudhin Thanawala | Mar 13, 2020

The Georgia House of Representatives approved legislation Thursday that would dramatically overhaul a state law that makes it a crime for people who know they have HIV to have sex without first disclosing the infection.

Second Man Cured of HIV Confirmed

By Kilian Melloy | Mar 9, 2020

A second man has been verified as cured of HIV following a rare combination of factors around a bone marrow transplant - and he's chosen to go public as an "ambassador of hope."

Washington Legislature Ease Penalties for HIV Exposure

By Rachel La Corte | Mar 4, 2020

The Washington Legislature on Tuesday approved a bill that reduces the crime of intentionally exposing a sexual partner to HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Washington Legislature Ease Penalty for HIV Exposure

Mar 4, 2020

The Washington Legislature on Tuesday approved a bill that reduces the crime of intentionally exposing a sexual partner to HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor.

HHS Removed Images Of Condoms From HIV/AIDS Awareness Fliers

By Rachana Pradhan | Mar 2, 2020

The Department of Health and Human Services stripped from a government website HIV/AIDS educational material that featured condoms, calling the images "unapproved."

Dance Teacher Sentenced to 9 Months for Exposing Teen to HIV

Feb 29, 2020

A Tennessee dance teacher who appeared on a reality TV show was sentenced Friday to nine months in prison for raping a teenage student and exposing him to HIV.

Pence's Handling of 2015 HIV Outbreak Gets New Scrutiny

By Rick Callahan and Tom Davies | Feb 28, 2020

President Donald Trump's choice of Vice President Mike Pence to oversee the nation's response to the new coronavirus threat is bringing renewed scrutiny to the former governor's handling of an HIV outbreak in southern Indiana when he was governor.

Five Years Later, HIV-Hit Town Rebounds. but Nation Slow to Heed Lessons

By Laura Ungar | Feb 25, 2020

The CDC deemed 220 U.S. counties vulnerable to HIV outbreaks because of overdose death rates, the volume of prescription opioid sales and other statistics tied to injecting drugs.

Bill Would Ease Penalties for HIV Exposure in Washington

By Rachel La Corte | Feb 24, 2020

Washington state health officials want to change a rarely used law that makes it a felony to intentionally expose a sexual partner to HIV, saying the current penalties don't have an impact on reducing transmissions or improving public health.

Online Extra: Gilead loses PrEP patent battle

Feb 16, 2020

A federal patent appeals board has refused a request from Gilead Sciences Inc. to invalidate two patents the Department of Health and Human Services claims to hold on the use of medications for PrEP.

Study is Halted as HIV Vaccine Fails Test in South Africa

Feb 4, 2020

The latest attempt at an HIV vaccine has failed, as researchers announced Monday they have stopped giving the experimental shots in a major study.

Reports: British HIV Rates Plummet Steeply Since 2014

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 21, 2020

A new report from a government agency reveals that HIV rates in the United Kingdom have plummeted sharply - more than 70%, in fact - thanks to an all-out effort including testing, PrEP, needle exchanges, and other strategies.

Facebook Under Fire for 'Misleading' Ads About PReP

By Kilian Melloy | Dec 31, 2019

Law firms looking for participants in a class action lawsuit stand accused of flooding social media platforms Facebook and Instagram with "misleading" ads that mischaracterize side effects of the PReP medication Truvada.

Pakistan Study Blames HIV Outbreak in Kids on Bad Healthcare

By Kathy Gannon | Dec 20, 2019

A group of Pakistani doctors blames a recent outbreak of HIV among children in a southern city on poor healthcare practices such as using dirty needles and contaminated blood, according to a statement released Friday.

Dental Patients Advised to Get Tested for HIV, Hepatitis

Dec 18, 2019

Some patients treated by a Tennessee dentist have been advised to get tested for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

HHS Hands Out Free HIV Prevention Drugs. Do You Qualify?

By Carmen Heredia Rodriguez | Dec 7, 2019

The Trump administration Tuesday unveiled a plan to distribute HIV prevention medication free to individuals who do not have prescription drug insurance coverage.

Health Program Offers Free HIV Prevention Drug to Uninsured

By Lauran Neergaard | Dec 4, 2019

The government launched a new program on Tuesday to provide an HIV prevention drug for free to people who need the protection but have no insurance to pay for it.

Fresh Hope with A Trio of Promising HIV Vaccines

By Kilian Melloy | Dec 3, 2019

As the global community marks noter World AIDS Day, a trio of late-stage trials offers renewed hope that a vaccine against the disease may be on the horizon.

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