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Demi, Idina and Disney Named in 'Let It Go' Rip-Off Lawsuit

Monday Nov 27, 2017

A singer feels frozen out of some major profits, and he's not about to let it go.

International singer Jaime Ciero has filed a lawsuit claiming that the song "Let It Go" from Disney's 2013 mega-hit "Frozen" is a direct rip off of a Spanish language song he penned in 2008 titled "Volar." According to TMZ, he's suing Disney, Idina Menzel, Demi Lovato and anyone remotely associated with the Academy Award-winning song.

ComicBook.com notes that in his lawsuit, Ciero says that he recorded "Volar" years before "Frozen" was written. The artist calls his song "a huge international success reaching millions of listeners and landing on numerous charts of the most popular, top-performing songs."

According to Deccan Chronicle, Ciero is after a share of the movie's $1.3 billion in profits.

Listen for yourself. Is "Let It Go" a "Volar" rip-off or should Ciero take a cue from Elsa and say: "The past is in the past?"


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