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Watch: John Mayer Gives Fans a Makeup Tutorial on Instagram

Tuesday Apr 24, 2018
John Mayer
John Mayer  (Source:YouTube Still via Instagram / @ johnmayer)

John Mayer's face is beat for the gods...I guess?

The singer took to Instagram live to give his 3 million followers a smokey eye tutorial, People magazine reports.

Mayer, 40, used a Chenl compact for the video, in which he explains he's using the product for an upcoming project.

"This particular one came with an instruction manual on how to put on eyeshadow, but I threw it away!" he says. "I kinda remember what it said on the sheet of paper and it had an eye obviously, and like three oval areas, and I get it. I got it. I'm just gonna go for it."

"This is where guys get it wrong. They go too heavy," Mayer adds while applying the makeup. "Notice how I'm impressing you with my light touch."

He goes on to give more tips, saying, "It's much closer to the eye than you think. It's really in the orbital socket."

Watch the clip below.

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