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Inch-by-Inch, Medical Services Company Publishes Survey of Penis Size by State

Tuesday Jan 22, 2019

Bespoke Surgical, a medical services company with offices in New York and Los Angeles, offers any number procedures dealing with anal health. But this week the company published a report on their website that deals with an adjacent part of the body.

In a report they look at penis size by state.

The website offers little in terms of details as to the methodology of the report, whom its participants were and how the findings were arrived at. In other words, we can't verify the findings, which were published on the company's website as Health News on January 14.

Nonetheless, it makes for interesting reading.

"To us, there's no such thing as a bad penis," they write on their website. "You can be cut or uncut, have a slant or a curve, be a grower or a shower, be big or small, or even a little of everything in between, there's one thing we can all agree on — every man should be proud of his penis.

"However, the question of size is something that comes up frequently with women and men, both straight and LGBTQ+. There are countless jokes about size, overcompensating, and men vastly overstating their size to others. This often leads to a lot of misinformation as well as potential negative self-esteem issues, especially when it comes to the gay community. The reality is that we are all individuals and with that comes different characteristics, and those differences should be celebrated."

What they learned is "that penis sizes vary significantly by state. The averages come in anywhere from 5.22 inches to a whopping 7.44 inches. The national (self-reported) average came in at 6.41 inches at full erection."

The states with the "highest averages (in inches) were Alabama (7.44), Louisiana (7.15), West Virginia (7.00), Vermont (6.98), and Utah (6.97). Most states fell between 6 — 6.9 inches. The five states with the lowest averages (in inches) were Delaware (5.22), New Mexico (5.36), Maryland (5.50), Georgia (5.69), and Rhode Island (5.83). Including those states, only eight states' averages were below 6 inches."

They also asked participants in the survey what men tell others about their penis size, with a wide variation in answers. "Louisiana came in as the state with the biggest average exaggeration (8.07) as well as one of the widest variances of what they tell others with 0.92 inches. Delaware, who had the smallest actual average had an average exaggeration of 1.30 inches.

"Surprisingly, we found was that twelve states had an understated average. Rhode Island respondents, on average, understated their size by 1.17 inches...

Digging deeper into the numbers, we found that, on average, 38% of men report a different size to others with 26% exaggerating by an average of 0.98 inches and 12% understating by an average of 1.03 inches. However, this means that the majority of men exercise honesty as a policy when divulging the size of their penis."

For more on Bespoke Surgical, visit the company's website.


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