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Once Upon A Deadpool

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Jan 22, 2019
Once Upon A Deadpool

A fairy tale unlike any...ever!

Welcome to Disney Deadpool! Now that the House the Mouse Built has appropriated 20th Century Fox, the Marvel Film catalog has expanded to include among its cast the mightiest and uncanniest mutants in the cinematic universe, including "Deadpool." Ryan Reynolds as the potty-mouthed and hard-to-kill man with a death wish has proven a major box office draw! And after making it cool for superhero flicks to earn an R rating not once but twice, what else is there for the man that has everything (but not really)?

"Deadpool 2" proved box-office gold for the franchise, but it ran a little racy and may have alienated part of its audience — parents that avoided watching the movie with their kids to spare them the embarrassment. The good folks in Hollywood Land looking to fill that void (and further make parents and their children uncomfortable) have taken this measure into consideration and immediately rectified the issue by making the most recent film in the "Deadpool" franchise a little more family friendly.

The idea is to make the film family-friendly enough to downscale it to a more palpable PG-13 rating and make it a little easier to enjoy without cringing — at least, that's the expectation of the repackaged re-release "Once Upon a Deadpool," available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD Combo Pack. The original full-length feature, directed by David Leitch, was theatrically walking a fine line and then shockingly enough was "unrated" when "Deadpool 2" came to home entertainment. With just a little twist here and there, the whole gang can enjoy Deadpool!

Not necessarily what you might want to share bedtime, Deadpool (Reynolds) - who is accustomed to breaking the rules - has kidnapped Fred Savage and forced the one-time child actor to relive his star turn from the beloved classic "The Princess Bride," to listen to him spin his tale, and promising to keep it all PG-13. With a stellar supporting cast that includes Zazie Beetz as "Domino," T. J. Miller, and Josh Brolin in his second major Marvel role (this time as the time-traveling mutant renegade Cable - this means something to diehard "X-Men" fans).

If you had your suspicions about exactly how "Deadpool 2" would work without all its colorfully R rated teeny-bits, it couldn't have worked any other way except with this little bit of creative re-editing and retrofitting, and it still packs a wallop. As to whether this version of the film is as family friendly an adventure you can share with the kids and a bucket of popcorn on a Saturday night, that's totally up to you — but we promise not to contact protective services. "Once Upon a Deadpool" is a creative reinvention, and worthy of the diversion.

"Once Upon a Deadpool"
available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD Combo Pack

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