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PopUps: Andy Cohen on Kathy Griffin Feud: 'I Get It'

Friday May 18, 2018
Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen  (Source:Instagram / @bravoandy)

Andy Cohen is opening up about his feud with Kathy Griffin, saying he understands why the comedian hates him, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The out "Real Housewives" producer spoke with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show Wednesday and discussed his feud with Griffin, which started after Cohen was selected to replace her on CNN's "New Year's Eve Live." Griffin was nixed from the show after her controversy for posing with a fake severed head resembling President Donald Trump.

Cohen first responded to how Griffin has made a comeback since coming under fire and being blacklisted from Hollywood for a while.

"She's selling out all these venues. She loves to have a comeback; she loves publicity. Everything's good for her," he told Stern, referring to Griffin selling out Carnegie Hall in 24 hours.

The Bravo host then addressed his taking over of her New Year's Eve gig and their feud.

"As you put it that way, I got the job that she had on CNN," Cohen said. "I'm on Bravo all these hours. I get it. So, hate me. I'll be that guy for you. If it makes you happy and gives you peace. I'm just not going to take it on myself. I'm at peace. I'm a lover, not a fighter."

Not long after it was revealed Cohen would replace Griffin as co-host of the CNN show, which is also hosted by the comedian's former BFF Anderson Cooper, TMZ caught up with Cohen to ask him about taking over for the "D-List" star. Cohen essentially responded back with a shady "I don't know her."

That sparked Griffin to take to Twitter, alleging Cohen treated her "like a dog" and calling him "deeply misogynistic."

The next day, Griffin shared a 17-minute YouTube video, called "Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story," in which she slammed TMZ founder Harvey Levin and Cohen. She said the men "just live to take women down" and alleged Cohen invited her to do cocaine before she appeared on his talkshow "Watch What Happens Live!"

Cohen denied her allegations.

Listen to Cohen's interview with Stern below.


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