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Grants Given Out for Guerneville Homeless Services

By Charlie Wagner | Saturday Feb 24, 2018
Giving added urgency to the homeless issue in the Russian River community is the fact that two people living on the streets of Guerneville have died since January 1.

Role-Playing Drama in Avatar Form

By Richard Dodds | Saturday Feb 24, 2018
Some of the best theatrical experiences arise from situations that seem to have no obvious relevance to the viewer.

Trans Woman Sues SF over Bathroom Use

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Saturday Feb 24, 2018
A transgender woman who claims a San Francisco city worker blocked her from using a women's bathroom and called her a "fucking freak" is suing the city.

SF Mayor to Form Trans Advisory Panel

By Matthew S. Bajko | Saturday Feb 24, 2018
San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell plans to form a transgender advisory panel to assist the city in meeting the community's needs, the Bay Area Reporter has learned.

You Boldly Go, Girl! :: Gender-Bending 'Star Trek Live' at Oasis

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Thursday Feb 22, 2018
Imagine a man playing a woman, and a woman playing a man, who switch bodies. Sound confusing? Not if you're attending 'Star Trek Live' at the Oasis.

On the Tab :: Feb. 22 - Mar. 1

Thursday Feb 22, 2018
Celebrate every day of the week, be it a quiet moment of meditation or hours sweating on a dance floor. The entire range of sound and motion leaves quite a few choices.

Shorts but sweets

By Roberto Friedman | Wednesday Feb 21, 2018
Again this year Landmark Theatres is offering audiences a chance to see the new Academy Award nominees in the categories of Best Animated & Best Live Action Short Films.

Late Night at Compton's

By Sari Staver | Wednesday Feb 21, 2018
The world premiere of an interactive theater production inspired by the historic riots that launched transgender activism in San Francisco opens for a four-week run on February 22 at the New Village Cafe, 1426 Polk St.

Iconic identity

By Jim Piechota | Wednesday Feb 21, 2018
In this updated version of local chanteuse Bambi Lake's memoir, there are more photographs and commentary, but the core of the book remains a testament to the flamboyant, adventurous life of a unique and talented performer.

Tricky thriller

By David Lamble | Wednesday Feb 21, 2018
To describe Francois Ozon as a cinema "bad boy" may seem a tad quaint, but the one-time Young Turk of French film is back with a new feature that comes with big aspirations.

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