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Romney to Brewer: Veto the Bill

By EDGE | Feb 25
Former GOP presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney is the latest high profile member of the Republican party to lend his voice in opposition to Arizona’s "turn away the gays" bill that would allow businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians

Romney: Putin’s Russia Undercuts Olympic Spirit

By Philip Elliott | Jan 5
Russia’s slide from democratic reforms and its relationships with international peers threaten to undercut the spirit of the Olympic Games it hosts next month, failed presidential nominee Mitt Romney said Sunday.

Romney Still Opposes Gay Marriage Despite Election Loss, GOP Endorsements

By Jason St. Amand | Mar 6
In an interview with Fox News, Mitt Romney says he still opposes gay marriage and that he believes marriage should be defined as a union between one man and one woman. Surprised?

Romney Strategist Blames Views on Gay Rights for Loss

By Jason St. Amand | Feb 26
One of the lead strategists for Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign suggests that he lost the election because of his views on gay rights and similar issues rather than technological issues.

After Defeat, Cloudy Future Ahead for Mitt Romney

By Kasie Hunt and Steve Peoples | Nov 7
Mitt Romney spent the past six years running for president. After his loss to President Barack Obama, he’ll have to chart a different course.

Obama Bets Electorate Matches 2008 and Wins

By Thomas Beaumont | Nov 7
It turned out that Americans who cast ballots looked collectively much more like what President Barack Obama had envisioned - a diverse tapestry that reflected a changing America - than the whiter, older electorate Mitt Romney had banked on.

Obama Wins, Swamps Electoral College!

By David Espo | Nov 7
President Barak Obama apparently won the popular vote by a relatively narrow margin, but swept the Electoral College. Democrats increased Senate dominance GOP keeps the House.

Suspense to the End, Obama, Romney Yield to Voters

By Nancy Benac | Nov 6
Two fierce competitors who’ve given their all, President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney now yield center stage to voters Tuesday for an Election Day choice that will frame the contours of government and the nation for years to come.

GOP Resorts to Gay Marriage & Anti-Christian Fear Mongering

By Jason St. Amand | Nov 6
Fla. State Senator Marco Rubio’s and former Ark. Governor Mike Huckabee’s anti marriage equality robocalls .

Young Millennials -- Fiscal Conservatives?

By Martha Irvine | Oct 29
This generation of young Americans has been called many things, from civic-minded to "entitled." But fiscally conservative? That’s a new one, and it just might have an impact on the presidential election.

1 thru 10 of 108 Stories