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Watch: Lady Gaga Gives Awkward 'Tonight Show' Interview

Friday Apr 3, 2020
Lady Gaga and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Wednesday
Lady Gaga and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Wednesday  (Source:YouTube)

Lady Gaga's appearance on Jimmy Fallon's "Home Alone" version of "The Tonight Show" was meant to be a moment for the pop star to present the COVID-19 initiative she's involved in but instead was just, well, a train-wreck.

The FaceTime chat quickly went south after Fallon asked her about the announcement she was going to make.

"I can't, Jimmy. I can't talk right now," the 34-year old superstar (who just had a birthday Saturday) responded. "I'm really sorry. It just, like, a really weird time."

It certainly was.

First, Gaga couldn't see Fallon on her phone when he showed her image to his television audience, leading her to wonder, "Am I on TV?" Then a second phone rang on her end. "Push it back one minute, please," she snapped.

Still, Fallon continued on.

"What's the big news?" he asked. "Is it something you are working on that is gong to help people out right now?"

"I can't," the distracted Gaga responded. "I can't I can't tell everything right now because I am still ironing out the details. And I have a lot of phone calls today."

Fallon asked her if she wanted him to call her back in about 10 minutes so she could share her news.

"Can you call me Friday?" she asked.

"Can I call you Friday?" he asked before laughing. "Yeah. It's Wednesday."

Gaga then turned to one of her handlers: "Can I call Fallon on Friday?"

"Friday, great. I will call you on Friday," she told Fallon. "It's for COVID-19."

Apologizing again, she ended the call only to call him back a few minutes later to reschedule again, this time to Monday.

"You want to wait until Monday. Today's Wednesday, so—Monday?" Fallon said with an incredulous voice.

Then, Gaga's second phone rang and the call ended.

"Oh, my heavens you are busiest person," he said.

"So I guess it is Monday. Monday is when we'll find out the big news from Gaga. Not today. Not Wednesday, no. Not Friday, nope. Next Monday is when we found out the big news from Gaga. Thank you, Gaga, and I cannot wait to find out what you're brewing," Fallon concluded.

What could have been distracting Gaga was the news that her father Joe Germanotta had "set up a GoFundMe account asking the public to donate $50,000 to pay for his staff's wages at family restaurant Joanne Trattoria amid the coronavirus crisis," Page Six reported on Monday.

"Joe said $50,000 would cover payroll and other expenses for staffers staff for two weeks. But fans criticized him for seeking public help when his superstar daughter reportedly made $39 million in 2019," Page Six added.

The GoFundMe page has since been taken down.

"She had no idea he was doing that and that idea would have been shot down before he even finished bringing it up — and the worst part is, it's her birthday!" a source told Page Six. "Neither she nor [mom] Cynthia would ever let that happen. It was him acting on his own, unfortunately, really bad impulse."

As of Friday, Gaga is expected to make her COVID-19 announcement on Monday on "The Tonight Show."

Watch Fallon's interview with Gaga below. It begins around the 5 minute mark.


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