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AP Analysis: Public Schools Leave Out Some Gifted Minorities

By Matthew Barakat | Feb 7
This system exacerbates a problem plaguing gifted-and-talented programs across the nation: Black and Hispanic students almost never file the appeals that can secure their admission.

Teacher Handcuffed, Jailed After Questioning Pay Policies

By Kevin McGill | Jan 10
A Louisiana teacher was removed from a school board meeting, forcibly handcuffed and jailed after questioning pay policies during a public comment period.

Most Big Public Colleges Don't Track Suicides, AP Finds

By Collin Binkley | Jan 2
Nearly half of the largest U.S. public universities do not track suicides among their students, despite making investments in prevention at a time of surging demand for mental health services.

Educators Split on Transgender Student Bathroom Use

By Brittany Ferrendi | Dec 31
The survey that revealed nearly half of district leaders support teachers coming out also showed a divide on transgender restroom use among students.

Nearly Half of Educators Support Teachers Coming Out to Students

By Brittany Ferrendi | Dec 30
A survey by Educator Political Perceptions found that 47 percent of K-12 teachers, school employees and district leaders would "completely support" LGB teachers from coming out ot their students.

Is Online College for You? Answer 5 Questions to Find Out

By Anna Helhoski | Dec 28
Millions of college students enroll in online courses every year. Nearly a third of all college students take at least one online course, and one in seven students take online courses exclusively.

School Ditches Online Learning Program After Parents Revolt

By Michael Melia | Dec 24
The fast-growing online platform was built with help from Facebook engineers and designed to help students learn at their own speed. But it's been dropped because parents in this Connecticut suburb revolted.

Children in Quebec Schools to Learn About Same-Sex Relationships in 2018

By Ryan Lynch | Dec 23
Quebec will soon teach kids about same-sex relationships and sex education.

Charter Schools Are Among The Most Segregated

Charter Schools Are Among The Most Segregated

Dec 6
Charter schools are among the nation's most segregated, an Associated Press analysis finds _ an outcome at odds, critics say, with their goal of offering a better alternative to failing traditional public schools.

Graduate Students Argue Against Taxing Tuition Waivers

By Maria Danilova and Collin Binkley | Dec 5
Graduate students around the U.S. are staging campus walk-outs and lobbying Congress in an effort to keep their tuition waivers tax-free.

1 thru 10 of 66 Stories