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BuzzFeed Publishes Exposé on 'Gay Sex for Rent' Facebook Groups

Wednesday Apr 18, 2018

BuzzFeed is publishing a multi-part report exposé exploring the way in which Facebook allegedly facilitates landlords offering young men rooms in exchange for sex.

The piece is called "Landlords Are Offering Young Men Free Rooms In Return For Sex And Facebook Is Letting It Happen" and was written by Patrick Strudwick, who writes:

BuzzFeed News has uncovered dozens of ads on Facebook and other sites that reveal a new LGBT dimension to the housing crisis: young men lured into "sex for rent" contracts to avoid sleeping rough. In a multi-part investigation, we expose the truth about these landlords, as young men speak out about being raped, beaten, drugged, infected with HIV and treated as domestic slaves.

Strudwick writes how he came across a Facebook group called "Gay Houseboy's and those who hire them." The page called itself a "group for gay men seeking gay boys to work for them as houseboys, and for gay houseboys seeking employment" and reportedly had a strict rule of "No nude pics" and "no 'hookup' posts." Upon further investigation, Strudwick writes he found otherwise.

In multiple interviews with the men exchanging sex for rent and groups trying to deal with the crisis, BuzzFeed News also uncovered a spectrum of experiences that go far beyond what has so far been documented, with social media, hook-up apps, and chemsex parties facilitating everything.

At best, impoverished young men are seeking refuge in places where they are at risk of sexual exploitation. At worst, teenagers are being kept in domestic prisons where all personal boundaries are breached, where their lives are in danger.

The piece features interviewed with young men who fell into the groups and sex-for-rent arrangements. BuzzFeed claims Facebook promised a representative will comment on the report but that has yet to happen as of this writing.

Click here to read the piece in full.


  • Anonymous, 2018-04-26 13:11:25

    I was totally shocked by this whole thing. It made me very angry. What made me angrier, is that it never crossed my mind before. In most cases it appears to be ABUSE. Male or female victims - it’s ABUSE. And, it’s also sad.

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