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Watch: Felix and the Future Releases NSFW Hyper-Sexualized Video for Single 'Karen'

Wednesday Nov 29, 2017
Felix and the Future's video 'Karen'
Felix and the Future's video 'Karen'  (Source:You Tube Still)

Surrealist, Mexican-American, queer pop artist, Felix and The Future is set to release his latest LP, "Holy Hands Vol. 2" on January 19. The album blends primitive, tribal images, and sounds with futuristic space explorations. Felix's videos and songs tell his story of searching Earth and chasing false idols.

The video for the first single, "Karen" premiered on Cool Hunting, who raved, "With the inherent theatricality in "Karen" by Felix and the Future, the musician (along with co-director Michael St Onge) has crafted a music video of epic proportions. A ballad with electronic twists receives visual support from warped religious iconography and a precious metal plating throughout. Sexuality runs rampant, as a heroine figure guides viewers through the experience-receiving adoration and doubt along the way."

The hyper-sexual video for "Karen" with its religious overtones, features Felix and the Future as a runaway confronting his memories searching for false idols and prophets. He confronts characters, like Karen, who set the tone for the album.

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