Watch: 'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown Says He's Now Single After Post-Breakup Fling

Monday December 7, 2020

After revealing his engagement with long-term partner Ian Jordan was off, "Queer Eye" star Karamo Brown told Us Weekly that he had a short-term fling with someone he met on Twitter...but that relationship, too, has ended.

Brown, 40, stressed that there's "nobody else" he is seeing at the moment.

"We're no longer talking," he told the magazine. "Dating in COVID is a mess, and so that is done altogether. I'm just back to fully being single."

He added: "I'm a hopeless romantic, and so for me, I'm always about like, how can I find someone who I can spend my moments and my time with? ... You have to just find people who are like-minded [and] on the same page."

Back in September, Brown revealed he and Jordan ended their relationship after 10 years together. Speaking with Us Weekly, he said it's been an "adjustment" for him.

"He's my best friend and someone I love. We just had a moment where ... our relationship had to shift," he said. He added that he's been able to speak about his troubles with his "Queer Eye" crew, saying he spoke "the most" with Bobby Berk and Tan France.

"They're the two that are married, so I always ask them for a lot of advice. There would be times I would be on the phone with them," he said. "What I love about the five of us is that we give each other clear advice, and not, like, from an emotional place. It's what we do on Queer Eye, we do it for each other."

Brown, who recently said he would be down to star on "The Bachelor," went on to say he turned to Antoni Porowski for dating advice.

"He was kind of going through dating a while back, and it was really nice to talk to him about that. So, it's really good just to have people you can lean on and who can support you, and I do the same for them," he told the magazine.

Watch Brown talk with Us Weekly by clicking here.