Gigi Gorgeous Comes Out as Pansexual

Monday April 12, 2021

Canadian YouTube celeb Gigi Gorgeous has come out once again, this time as pansexual, in what she declared on social media would be the "last time."

Gorgeous, 28, "revealed that she's pansexual... as she came out for the fourth time' in video posted to her YouTube account," People Magazine reports. Gorgeous posted the announcement April 9.

Saying she "felt inspired today" to "open up" and be "super real," Gorgeous said she would be "coming out for the fourth time" in the video, "sharing my truth, speaking it into existence, and if this can help one person out there realize something about themselves or feel seen, then it's definitely served its purpose."

"I came out as gay before I transitioned," Gorgeous went on to recall. "I came out as transgender, and then I came out as gay again."

Her quest for authenticity, she said, has been a fulfilling process.

"Honestly, those are some of, if not my best, favorite memories," Gorgeous disclosed, going on to say that fans sometimes ask if she plans on taking down her previous coming out videos. "No! It's part of who I am. It's honestly beautiful. When I look back, I'm happy I made those videos," because they serve as a record of "how much I've grown and the life I've made for myself," Gorgeous said.

The YouTube star went on to credit her spouse, Nats Getty, also 28, for this latest - and purportedly last - coming out. "I fell in love with the person that he is," not his gender, Gorgeous said of her husband, People recounted.

"Getty came out as transgender and non-binary in January, after undergoing top surgery," People recalled.

Gorgeous decried the "ignorant" and "backwards" messages she had received at different points in her journey, before going on to urge her listeners to "do your best and just stay in tune with who you are.

Gorgeous went on to state: "I just want to let everybody know that I am pansexual." She went on to explain that the term, to her, refers to "falling in love with the soul of somebody."

"It's profound and amazing to me," Gorgeous added.

Though Gorgeous joked about her previous coming out occasions, she added, "I feel like this is always who I was.... It just took me a while to get here."

"So don't be ashamed or push down who you're meant to be," she said. "It takes everybody a different amount of time, and I'm here for you."

Watch the video below.