13 Queens We Need to Return to 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars'

by Barry Levitt

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday January 28, 2023
Originally published on July 21, 2022

DiDa Ritz and Jessica Wild
DiDa Ritz and Jessica Wild  

"RuPaul's Drag Race" has completely taken over the world, and we're not mad. What started with just one season a year has transformed into an international phenomenon, with several seasons a year, and it feels like there's at least one new episode of some sort of "Drag Race" every single week, and we're here for it! With so many queens being introduced to us, it can be easy for some to get lost in the shuffle. That's why "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" is such a wonderful show, giving fans the opportunity to see queens return for another shot at the crown.

With Season 6 of "All Stars" featuring 13 queens, we've assembled a list of 13 amazing queens that deserve another shot at not only the crown but the hearts of the fans. Let's take a look at the 13 drag queens we need to return to All Stars!

Nina Flowers

Season 1, "All Stars" Season 1

Original Placement: Runner-Up, 9th/10th

Nina Flowers was the first alternative drag queen to appear on "RuPaul's Drag Race," serving us fantastic looks behind a Vaseline-smeared lens. She also gave us some delightful comedic moments, and it would be great to see her back on the main stage after the unfortunate affair of "All Stars 1".

Jessica Wild

Season 2

Original Placement: 6th

You know you love this drink — Jessica Wild was one of the shining stars of Season 2, and was always a positive ray of light in one of the bitchiest seasons. She showed us how she can eat up a lip sync as an assassin on "All Stars" 6, leaving us hungry for more.

Stacy Layne Matthews

Season 3

Original Placement: 8th

Give us Henny! Stacy Layne Matthews was underestimated her whole season, even after she shocked everyone by winning the Snatch Game. The show teased us with some cameo appearances in "All Stars" Season 4, but we really think the world is ready for our charming queen from Back Swamp, North Carolina to show us what she's been up to since Season 3.

DiDa Ritz

Season 4

Original Placement: 6th

It's baffling that a queen as incredible and well-rounded as DiDa Ritz hasn't been back on an "All Stars" season. She's shown plenty of impressive looks since her season, has the comedic chops, and delivered what is quite possibly the single best lip sync performance in Drag Race herstory. She has everything to slay "All Stars," and we hope she one day gets to return to show a new generation of fans what she's made of.

Lineysha Sparx

Season 5

Original Placement: 9th

Even though English wasn't her first language, that didn't stop Lineysha Sparx from making an impact on one of, if not the most talented season in the show's existence. She could have easily won the first episode design challenge with her stunning wallpaper couture, and crushed the lip-sync challenge, winning the next episode. If Lineysha has learned English since her Season 5 appearance, well... we certainly wouldn't want to face her!

Darienne Lake

Season 6

Original Placement: 4th

The original shady elephant, we are head over heels in love with Darienne Lake. We've had so many top 3/4 queens return to "All Stars" that her lack of involvement is extremely surprising. She's an incredible lip syncer, and she's wickedly funny, winning the reading challenge on a season full of hilarious queens. She's undergone a pretty crazy physical transformation over the last few years, and you better believe when Darienne returns, she'll have a fantastic shot at the crown.

Joslyn Fox

Season 6

Original Placement: 6th

Somewhat lost in the shuffle on the super popular Season 6, Joslyn Fox deserves another crack at the competition. Her storyline in her season was mostly focused on her relationship with Courtney Act, making the need for the spotlight to be on her all the more evident. Joslyn delivered an extremely underrated Snatch Game as Teresa Giudice and crushed the rap challenge as well.

Jaidynn Diore Fierce

Season 7

Original Placement: 8th

Jaidynn Diore Fierce is so much freaking fun! She struggled with self-confidence in Season 7, but despite her personal struggles, she was a joy to watch. She performed pretty well, made many of her wonderful outfits on the runway, and was seriously robbed of a win in the music video parody challenge, delivering a pitch-perfect impression of Bianca Del Rio.

Mrs. Kasha Davis

Season 7

Original Placement: 11th

It's honestly hard to even think that the one-and-only Mrs. Kasha Davis went home 11th on her season. Apparently flubbing a single syllable was enough to land her in the bottom two, and she was taken out by lip sync assassin Kandy Ho. It never should have happened, and we've been desperate to have Mrs. Kasha Davis back on our screens ever since. She's funny, she's campy, and she's classic drag, and we need more.

Acid Betty

Season 8

Original Placement: 8th

Acid Betty is a fierce competitor. Acid was excellent in every challenge she was in, coming close to winning time and time again, before being undone by the Snatch Game. She was also a total bitch, which she completely owned, and every great season needs a villain to adore, and not many fit the role better than Acid. She's also got some fantastic alternative looks that nobody else does, and we have no doubt she'd make a splash on an "All Stars" season.

Nina Bo'nina Brown

Season 9

Original Placement: 6th

One of the most creative queens to ever grace the stage, Nina Bo'nina Brown has what it takes to be an absolute superstar. The incredible lip syncer and jaw-dropping makeup artist really struggled with her mental health in Season 9, which was difficult to watch. We hope she's doing better now, and if she's in a good place, our fingers are extremely crossed that she'll grace the main stage again. With the right mindset, Nina Bo'nina Brown has all the goods to take it all the way.


Season 9

Original Placement: Runner-Up

Peppermint surprised many, coming tantalizingly close to the crown with her incredible lip sync abilities in the epic Season 9 finale, though she couldn't quite top Sasha Velour. Peppermint has only grown as an incredible entertainer over the years, starring in tv, film, and even landing a major role on broadway! If Peppermint's name is ever announced for an "All Stars" season, she'll be a heavy favorite the moment she walks in the room.

Asia O'Hara

Season 10

Original Placement: 4th

For a while there, Asia O'Hara looked like a serious threat to win Season 10 — right up until the finale. Asia needs to return for many reasons, but perhaps none more important than she absolutely must get redeemed for the tragic butterfly lipsync in the Season 10 finale. She has so much talent and deserves to be known for her amazing gifts, not one faux pas.