Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen Tells Ellen About His 'Trump Fat Suit' CPAC Caper

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Tuesday November 3, 2020

Sacha Baron Cohen in a Donald Trump fat suit in 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm'
Sacha Baron Cohen in a Donald Trump fat suit in 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm'  (Source:Screencap / The Ellen Show / YouTube)

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen spilled the secrets behind one of the more daring stunts he pulled in the making of "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm": Infiltrating a conservative conference disguised as Donald Trump.

The disguise required the actor to don a 55" fat suit, as well as a facial prosthetic and wig, Cohen revealed. But the gig was almost up when Cohen - after altering his disguise a little so as to look less like Trump - had to get through security in order to attend the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, where Vice President Mike Pence was slated to deliver an address. Part of the security detail was made up of TSA agents.

"Actually, the TSA were kind of wanding me," Cohen told Ellen, pantomiming how the security guard passed a wand over his fat suit-clad body. "It went past my chest and it beeped, and I was terrified, obviously. The moment they touch my body, it's a fat suit, so I wouldn't have been allowed in."

Thinking quickly, Cohen told the guard that he had a pacemaker. But when the guard passed the wand lower, over his abdomen, the device beeped again - and Cohen thought he was done, reported UK newspaper The Independent.

Then the guard himself came up with a plausible reason: "Well, hold on, it's the wire to the pacemaker, yeah?" Cohen recalled the guard saying.

"I go, 'Yeah, yeah, of course,' " the comedian added.

But even more daunting challenges lay ahead. Borat described having to conceal himself for five hours in a men's restroom, "listening to conservative men go to the toilet."

Cohen continued: "And I would say: Stephen Miller, if you're watching this, you need more fiber in your diet." As Ellen's audience roared with laughter, Cohen added: "It shouldn't take that long."

"Okay - well, if he's watching, he got the message," Ellen said.

"The Ellen Show" segment also included a reminiscence from Ellen and Cohen about how, more than twenty years ago, the comedian stayed for a time in Ellen's guest house - and, she later learned, that was where he wrote the script for his first "Borat" film.

"Yes, that's right," Cohen said. going on to joke that he wanted his deposit back: "The clock in the microwave was broken when I moved in there," he deadpanned. "I would see you in the mornings," Cohen went on to add; "You'd have a walk around the garden, and I was writing 'Borat.' "

"Yes, and you were in a robe a lot of times," Ellen shot back, "and sometimes less than that."

In the "Borat" sequel, Cohen's titular character is on a mission to deliver his 15-year-old daughter - played by actress Maria Bakalova, 24 - to Vice President Mike Pence as a gift from Kazakhstan. A still from the film that aired on "The Ellen Show" showed Cohen, disguised as Trump, in a scene from the film in which Cohen bursts into the room where Pence is speaking. Cohen has Bakalova slung over his shoulder. In the film, he shouts: "Michael Pen-ice! I brought the girl for you!"

Another scene from the film, which has since become notorious, has Bakalova, posing as a TV reporter, inviting Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani to a hotel room, ostensibly for an interview. Giuliani lies back on a bed and appears to put his hands into his trousers. Cohen then bursts into the room, screaming that his "daughter" is underage.

Giuliani has said he was tucking in his shirt after taking off a microphone.

Watch the clip from "The Ellen Show" below.

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