EDGE Rewind: Watch: Joel Kim Booster Answers Grindr's '69 Questions' (Hilariously)

Saturday January 28, 2023
Originally published on July 19, 2022

Joel Kim Booster answering "69 Questions" from Grindr
Joel Kim Booster answering "69 Questions" from Grindr  (Source:YouTube)

EDGE is reaching into its archive and sharing some of our favorite stories from the past.

The new Grindr's new video series "69 Questions" promises to take viewers inside the lives of queer celebrities, asking them a series of fun, on-topic questions regarding their tastes and views on everything.

Kicking off the series is comedian, actor, and writer Joel Kim Booster, who displays his quick wit with his answers as he tours his stylish LA home.

Booster is having quite a good summer with Hulu's "Fire Island" receiving rave reviews (93% on Rotten Tomatoes) and a new special, "Psychosexual," currently on Netflix.

Filmed at Catch One in Los Angeles, Joel Kim Booster makes his Netflix comedy special debut with the special. In a uniquely-crafted three set act; Booster discusses learning the cultural nuances of being Asian as he gets older, shares his preference for threesomes with tips for successful masturbation, his fascination for human sexuality, and much more.

Watch a clip from "Psychosexual"

For his "69 Questions" session, Booster looks great in his deep blue tank top and white Levis. Among his observations are that Keiynan Lonsdale is his favorite actor. "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette is his go-to Karaoke song, and Bowen Yang is the "Fire Island" cast member he would like to travel in space with.

Throughout the five-minute video, Booster shows off his new LA home, which he says he just moved into and which is rather sparsely furnished. He admits to never having cooked in the kitchen. Asked if he prefers to host or travel, he looks around and says: "Host. I mean, look at this house."

His come-on line on Grindr is "Hey, handsome." Asked what the etiquette should be by someone who recognizes him on Grindr, he says: "It's like the cops. If you know who I am, you're legally required to tell me." His favorite brand of poppers is artisanal double Scorpio. He prefers jockstraps to briefs, and Silicone for lube, "because I care more about my body than I do about my sheets."

He calls Liv Tyler his design inspiration, considers himself more Bryce Dallas Howard than Jessica Chastian, and Tomas Matos is a queer icon that everyone should know.

Advice he would give include telling an up-and-coming comic is to find a good lawyer (as a pic of Taylor Swift flashed on the screen). He also would have advised his younger self against getting any student loans. And he says he hasn't any unknown, special talents. "If I have a talent. I've already tried to make money from it."

Saying his "emotional landscape is a little bumpy right now," he went on to say he prefers love to lust and a Demon Twink to an Angel Twink. Also, he prefers "morning sex if I'm topping, night sex if I am bottoming." Also, "leather if I'm topping, lace if I am bottoming."

Booster says he drag name would be Lana Del Rey. His Snatch Game character, Nancy Reagan. Simone is his favorite "RPDR" queen and Hailee Steinfeld (whose he says has the best range) would play him in the Lifetime movie of his life.

His "Real Housewife" tagline would be: "If money is the root of all evil, then I'm the tallest tree in the forest." And, not surprisingly, prefers Fire Island to Palm Springs.

Watch him answer all 69 questions below: