Steve Grand Tweets Globe Emojis when Questioned on His Authenticity

Saturday November 28, 2020

Steve Grand
Steve Grand  (

Out singer Steve Grand's thirst-trapping pics promoting his new underwear line, Grand Axis, left Cameron Greer of the NSFW website The Sword wondering if his endowment was perhaps enhanced.

For more on Grand Axis, visit its website.

"Okay, so if someone's bulge looks suspiciously big, it only makes sense that someone is going to suspect that it's stuffed! In this case, I'm the one that got a little suspicious about country star Steve Grand and his revealing swimwear!"

Greer added, "I suggested that his heavy-looking bulge could be the result of him stuffing his pants, but in the end, I said that I personally think he's just got some 'good-sized globes' in between his legs."

This has led Grand to respond on Twitter:

Be the judge from Grand's Instagram:

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