Review: While Not Terrifying, 'No One Gets Out Alive' Provides a Modicum of Thrills

by Kevin Taft

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday September 30, 2021

Cristina Rodlo in 'No One Gets Out Alive'
Cristina Rodlo in 'No One Gets Out Alive'  (Source:Teddy Cavendish/Netflix)

While it has some good ideas and nifty effects, "No One Gets out Alive" doesn't reach the escapist heights of other horror films this year. It has some lively moments, though.

Cristina Rodlo stars as Amber, an illegal immigrant looking for a new life in America after her mother dies. With barely any money to her name, she takes a cheap room at a massive old boarding house on the outskirts of the city. With only one other tenant and the landlord Red (Marc Menchaca) living in the space, it feels like an okay place to land.

But when she starts to see strange things and constantly hears crying coming from the walls, Amber isn't so sure she likes her new digs. Not to mention she has the worst luck, getting scammed out of a few hundred dollars by a work friend and having only one distant, but suspicious, uncle in town.

When she begins to have strange visions and sees frightening things in the boarding house, Amber decides to leave. But the house has other plans for her.

There's nothing terribly new in director Santiago Menghini's horror film. You got the sweet girl looking for a better life, a creepy old mansion, a suspect landlord, various locked doors, odd noises, and unnerving sights.

What the film has going for it is a solid performance from Rodlo and some pretty good scares scattered throughout. While the backstory and reveal of what's going on is never explained in full, it's pretty cool to watch and involves something that could have come straight from an H.R. Giger sketch pad.

While not terrifying or all that impactful, "No One Gets Out Alive" provides a modicum of thrills and a breezy story that will keep less discerning audience members happy. Horror fans will find some pleasures here, but you'll certainly find your way out of it without a scratch.

"No One Gets Out Alive" will be released on Netflix September 29th.

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