#Covita: A Meme is Born

Tuesday October 6, 2020

#Covita: A Meme is Born

Why did President Trump's moment on the balcony bring back memories of Madonna?

Actually, the musical "Evita," which Madonna starred in the 1996 film version. On film and stage its iconic image is that of Eva Peron standing on a balcony urging the "descamisados" not to cry for her. Trump is a modern day Eva whose "descamisados" are equally fanatical; the only difference is that Trump would want them to cry for him.

It wasn't long for the news media to pick up on the trope when Jim Acosta referenced it on CNN, but with a funny twist: "This was no an Evita moment, it was more like Covita."

Twitter, of course, exploded with comments, including one from Broadway's original Evita, Patti Lupone:

Others joined in:

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