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Watch: California Straight Pride Still Can't Secure Permit, Parade Plans Still in Play

by Sam Cronin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday August 15, 2019

Watch: California Straight Pride Still Can't Secure Permit, Parade Plans Still in Play

The Northern California city of Modesto is one of the cities which may play host to a Straight Pride Parade... despite denying the group a permit. Organizers for the event attempted earlier this week to get a parade permit from city hall, but were refused.

The first attempt to get a permit was rejected Tuesday, AP reported. The group is mounting another attempt, however, and according to event organizer Don Grundmann, "There's many, many new plans. Five at least, maybe 10. We're just waiting for the bureaucratic response and the bureaucratic wheels to grind and they can grind very slowly."

According to CBS Sacramento, the organizers have so far been unable or unwilling to complete the basic requirements to secure an official permit.

Modesto City spokesperson Thomas Reeves told CBS: "We still have the requirement of insurance and a new location that is more conducive to this kind of event. We are certainly not telling him or his supporters that he does not have a right to gather."

Chris Holland is organizing opposition to this parade, arguing as many other activists do, that straight Pride parades spread bigotry.

"Our community is made up of every color of the rainbow and every marginalized community is in fear of them bringing violence," Reeves told CBS.

In response, spokesperson Reeves said: "We are aware of what these types of events bring to other jurisdictions, to other cities."

It is so far unclear whether the city will take precautions to prevent violence during the upcoming event, which is scheduled to take place in some form August 24. It is proposed to take place in Graceada Park's Mancini Bowl, however without a permit from the city council, that location may not be available to the group.

Watch CBS Sacramento's report below:

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