Frayed or Fab? RuPaul's Drag Race Fashion Recap, Episode 2

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday January 11, 2021

The queens were back (well, half of them) for the second episode of Season 13, and most will agree we're not sure what's crawled up Ru's gown. The first eliminated contestant, Elliott With Two T's, returned to join the first batch of queens as they showcased their best day and night looks, as well as penning new lyrics for RuPaul's "Condragulations."

Here's a recap of their final runaway looks; category is: "Lamé, You Stay." A knit fabric with a metallic coating, lame "is perfect for dancewear, costumes, club-wear, and more," says It's not too shabby on the runway, either.

Gottmik is quickly proving to be a formidable presence, and this week's final runway look is no exception. Described by Michelle Visage as "the creature from the gold lamé," the sea dragon-inspired look wowed the judges. Verdict: FAB

Kandy Muse's purple nightie could have been pulled from an all-drag production of "Grease," but she's no Rizzo. Muse's confidence could sell swampland in Florida, but can she sell the judge's on her so-so wardrobe? Verdict: FRAYED

LaLa Ri's head-to-toe gold lamé reminds us of the power of fashion as the drag queen embraced not only the fabric but also her Black identity. Michelle Visage celebrated how the look complemented her "delicious, rich skin color" in a look that LaLa Ri's described as "dark chocolate wrapped in gold." We'll take the entire box. Verdict: FAB

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Olivia Lux proved that old could be new on the runway in a modest old Hollywood gown, shimmering with water lilies. Ross Mathews thought the dress looked expensive, saying, "I bet she saved up and bought that on lamé-away!" It was worth every penny. Verdict: FAB

Symone was ready to fight for the crown in lamé-inspired boxing gear. "I wanted to show there is a brain behind the beauty," said Symone of her Rocky-inspired lame. We counted to 10 and still couldn't get our jaws off the floor. Verdict: FAB

Tina Burner went down the yellow brick road, finally setting aside her signature firehouse palette, donning a Tin Man-inspired silver lamé motorcycle jacket and high-waisted mom pants. Details like an ax purse and red bejeweled heart sealed the deal. Verdict: FAB

"Tara Lapinski meets 1980s prom" is how Elliott with Two T's described the heavily ruffled turquoise and green lamé mini. And while it was by no means a fail, the competition out-laméd Eliott on the runway. Verdict: FRAYED

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