How Lemonaid is Making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday December 2, 2020

How Lemonaid is Making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable

There's a distant light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel. But a vaccine — a glimmer of hope with an unknown timeline for approval and distribution — is not a panacea for what it has exposed. Instead, the pandemic has shined a light on systemic disparities in the U.S. healthcare system. According to Dr. Davis Liu, Chief Clinical Officer for virtual low-cost healthcare provider Lemonaid, we're more aware than ever of the many inequities from lack of access to healthcare, stigmas around mental health and more.

Liu, who has been practicing medicine since 1997 and led Lemonaid's medical team for five years, is at the forefront of crafting the guidelines and protocols necessary to bring the brand to consumers nationwide. He also understands why it's more important than ever to offer healthcare solutions that are accessible and affordable.

"U.S. healthcare is problematic because it's employer-based. We're the only advanced country in the world that doesn't offer universal healthcare," explains Liu. "That means costs go up, and many end up with deductibles that are so high that it's not insurance but catastrophic coverage."

Liu also points out that access has become increasingly difficult. With doctor's offices limiting appointments, it could take months to schedule an appointment with your primary physician. And who wants to sit in a waiting room for 45 minutes, particularly with COVID-19 cases skyrocketing across the country?

Lemonaid enables people to receive excellent care when they need it, regardless of insurance, by combining an experienced medical team with easy-to-use technology. With an intuitive design on both desktop and mobile devices, Lemonaid's interface is, perhaps, only outshined by its affordability.

Most consultation fees are only $25 (less than the average insurance co-pay), while some services such as treatment for anxiety, insomnia or depression, are monthly rates that may also include prescriptions discretely delivered to your home.

Liu says Lemonaid has seen an increase in people seeking mental health services as well as other stress-related disorders or flare-ups, particularly with unemployment rates nearly twice what they were pre-pandemic.

Lemonaid is also at the forefront of at-home COVID-19 antibody testing and is working with Scanwell health to provide such services once approved by the FDA.

"In an ideal world, you should be able to get tested when you want," says Liu. "Maybe you think you were exposed, or companies want to make sure their staff is safe. We need data to stop this pandemic from getting worse."

Lemonaid's trained physicians and nurse practitioners are keenly aware of the pandemic's impact and how to treat underlying symptoms. Take insomnia, for example. Liu suggests that for many, it's behavioral as people cope with late-night stress and anxiety by watching TV, eating and other habitual behaviors.

Lemonaid practitioners can recommend what Liu describes as "sleep hygiene" protocols and as well as non-habit-forming medications—all through a video consultation.

Lemonaid is also at the forefront of other medical services, some of which people might feel more comfortable receiving consultation or treatment for in the comfort of their own homes. Whether it's erecticle dysfunction treatment options or easy-to-follow STD testing, discretion and convenience reduce some of the barriers to healthcare.

Championing equality is one of Lemonaid's guiding principles, exemplified by the values and diversity of its workforce. Perhaps it's the kind of trust we had growing up with a family doctor. Or, for some, it's an entirely new experience: a judgment-free medical consultation where all sexual orientations and gender identifications are welcomed and accepted.

Providing the same level of professional care as a traditional doctor's office, but more convenient because it's 100-percent online, Lemonaid is proving that the future of healthcare is just one click away.

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Lemonaid Health is a national online doctor's office. Services are provided by one of our four medical groups. All four medical groups do business as 'Lemonaid Health'. In all states other than Kansas, New Jersey and Texas, Lemonaid services are provided by LMND Medical Group, Inc., A Professional Corporation, doing business as Lemonaid Health. In Kansas, Lemonaid services are provided by LMND Medical Group, A Professional Association, with a registered office 112 SW 7TH Street, Suite 3C, Topeka, KS 66603. In New Jersey, Lemonaid services are provided by LMND Medical Group Professional Corporation, with a registered office 820 Bear Tavern Road, West Trenton, NJ 08628. In Texas, Lemonaid services are provided by LMND Medical Group, A Professional Association, with a registered office 1999 Bryan Street, Suite 900, Dallas, TX 75201.

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