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Nico Tortorella is Glad Trump Pride Tweet Sparked Discussion

by Sam Cronin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 11, 2019

Actor Nico Tortorella responded to President Trump's controversial Pride month tweet, saying "I'd rather see him post about it than not, because it's starting more conversation [about] the hypocrisy that exists within it," to BuzzFeed News' show "AM to DM."

Tortorella, who stars on TV Land's "Younger" and was recently named the first ambassador in Los Angeles for LGBT Heritage Month, has long been a prominent voice for the LGBT community.

Trump's tweet made him the first Republican president to ever acknowledge LGBT Pride Month, however it sparked controversy as many of his administration's policies have been criticized for being anti-LGBT. The 2017 transgender military ban as well as reported poor treatment of LGBT detainees in ICE facilities are among the most controversial moves his administration has put in place.

His tweet mentioned his administration's efforts to lead a "campaign to decriminalize homosexuality" worldwide, and recognized the contributions of LGBT people to the country, however many viewed the tweet as insincere given the reputation his administration has towards the community.

Tortorella went on to say that he feels Trump tweeting about Pride Month is still a positive step towards raising awareness and prompting discussion.

"We also have to remember that he's just the face of something that is so much larger that exists in this country," Tortorella said. "Look at Pride Month — there are all these companies that throw a flag on a T-shirt or something and then don't actually support the community that you're putting money towards ... it's a much larger issue than just one man in office."

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