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MeUndies Launches #TellMe Pride Campaign to Celebrate Our Younger Selves

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday June 11, 2021

MeUndies Launches #TellMe Pride Campaign to Celebrate Our Younger Selves

Hindsight is 20/20. For the LGBTQ community, looking back also creates an opportunity to look forward. Many of us felt like we didn't fit in as we struggled to come to terms with — and eventually embrace — our sexual and gender identities. But what if we could look back and offer gentle words of wisdom to our younger selves?

MeUndies, the brand that turned basics into the ultimate form of self-expression, offers just that kind of opportunity with a new campaign to coincide with its 2021 Pride collection and partnership with the Los Angeles LGBT Center. MeUndies has taken to TikTok to ask some of our favorite LGBTQ influencers and allies what they might say to their younger selves.

With Pride month underway, MeUndies recognizes that LGBTQ youth continue to face mental health obstacles. The Trevor Project recently reported that the pandemic and partisan politics haven't done our queer community any favors, either. Still, there's good news: We're incredibly resilient, and have the experience of our chosen families to lean on.

MeUndies asked LGBTQ influencers (along with others who don't regularly spend their days in the virtual limelight) to start a dialogue about what advice they'd give their younger selves. Have a look!


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Based in Los Angeles, MeUndies felt it was important to identify a local LGBTQ organization that could make a big impact. The LA LGBT Center has been instrumental in lifting the queer community to new heights since its 1969 founding. With MeUndies' $75,000 financial commitment, the Center can provide educational support for 150 youth, 22,500 hot meals, 1,500 days of services (such as meals, shower, laundry and employment training), along with essential items for homeless youth and product donations to the Trans Wellness Center Closet and Youth Services Closet.

MeUndies has also launched a Pride 2021 collection, featuring dozens of undies, bralettes and accessories in the Pride, Trans Pride, and Bi Pride flag colors. Ready to show off your Pride? Check it out!

Matthew Wexler is EDGE's Senior Editor, Features & Branded Content. More of his writing can be found at Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @wexlerwrites.

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