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WERSTARS: A No-So-Social Network To Save The Moments Of Your Life

Friday Feb 1, 2019

A new website and app is aiming to be the home of your special moments. It's a not-so-social digital platform where you can save the important moments of your life but there's no central feed. That means users are able to save the story of their life without being judged based on likes.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it," says WERSTARS founder Dave Golokhov. "That famous Ferris Bueller quote rings true as we speed through life these days. We remember the big things but what about the random birthdays, the New Year's celebrations, the places we've traveled, the people we've dated...these are the things that really shape us."

The concept of the company comes from Golokhov's personal journey as he used to be mired in the anxiety that many of us are faced with these days. We often compare ourselves to others on social media, TV and magazines, and everyone there seems to be having a better time in their lives.

"I used to be a person who wasn't really happy with myself. I had achieved a lot and I was truly quite successful, but I rarely saw it," says Golokhov. "I would see other people living the perfect life and chide myself that it wasn't me. I would constantly focus on what's missing in my life."

It wasn't until the anxiety turned into lost sleep, bad moods and gray days that Golokhov decided to change.

"I studied myself and studied people who are happiest," says Golokhov. "The common thread I found was that people who are happiest are the ones who appreciate what they have and have gratitude for it."

WERSTARS (we are stars) provides each user with their own 'Sky', which spans from their original day of birth up to today's date. Then users can add moments — either text, photos or videos — and choose a date for the post. Then a star is created on that day and date, so eventually a user's life will be represented by a sky full of stars.

One major difference between WERSTARS and other social media is that there is no central feed. In other words, nobody gets to see what you're saving unless they specifically visit your page and even then, you can choose what's public and what's private.

"One of the reasons why we don't save certain moments is we don't want to be judged by peers," says Golokhov. "The goal of WERSTARS is to save things that are important to you — the things that really matter to your life — rather than thinking about what others will approve of or like."

WERSTARS calls itself "The Movement To Save The Moments" as it's a company that not only wants to have a place for people to save their important memories as a digital autobiography, but a place where people can find happiness.

'Find' is a key word in the equation as they've devised a way that makes it easy to find your moments. As you save things, you can add keywords like "travel" or "birthdays." That way when you come back to your page later, you can click on those keywords to filter your Sky and find just those moments. And moments can still be shared as by tagging someone, the star (or moment) is created on the other person's Sky on the same day and date as well.

WERSTARS is a free platform (free of ads too) as Golokhov aims to teach people about gratitude, happiness and counting your blessings. The app is free to download in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and users can also use the web version at .


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