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11 Times Tom Daley Caught Our Eye on Social Media

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Tom Daley caught the attention of mainstream sports fans during the 2020 Summer Olympics when he won the Gold Medal in the men's synchronized 10 meter platform event. Gay sports fans might have known about Daley for much longer due to his comfortability in talking about and sharing his personal life on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Daley is often considered an influencer for his ability to share a variety of topics with his fans.

The diver is now married to Oscar-winning screenwriter and filmmaker Dustin Lance Black and they share a baby son together. They frequently document their life on social media. Let's look back at some of his best moments Tom Daley has shared with us!

Part of being a swimmer or a diver is staying in incredible shape. That doesn't mean every diver looks like Tom Daley, though. The British star really decided to bare almost everything in this IG post, covering up only with sexy tan underwear. Many comments mentioned how Daley was sure to get a lot of people zooming in on the picture for an up-close view of you-know-what!

Being a gay parent is still quite hard in some parts of the world. Luckily, Tom Daley lives in the U.K. where it is legal to raise children in a queer household, and nothing is more adorable than seeing Tom with his son, Robbie. This is just one of a variety of pictures where Tom is enjoying some alone time with his little one, and more exploring of his socials gives more peaks into this family dynamic.

Workouts aren't necessarily supposed to be thirst traps, but many professional athletes have the types of bodies we all dream of having ourselves (or admiring from afar). Here we get a peak at some of the strength training Daley does to prepare for diving events, and we certainly won't complain about the views of his body. The diver also shows off his incredible style at an awards show later in the post if you scroll through his exercise regimen.

Many of Tom Daley's fans have gotten to know his diving mate, Matty Lee, throughout the years. Lee is pretty easy on the eyes himself, and the two make a very sexy duo. Daley wishes Lee a happy birthday in this IG post along with a great memory of them with their Olympic medals from the diving events they won gold in.

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Tom Daley is a man of many talents, one of which is his ability to knit. Daley has an entire section of his social media dedicated to showing off his skills with a needle, and here on TikTok he displays one of his most colorful outfits to date. We also get to enjoy him showing off the sweater while shirtless before donning his work for the viewing audience.

Tom Daley's husband, Dustin Lance Black, isn't as active on social media as Daley is. This makes fans often want to learn more about Black, and Daley has several videos of them sharing their lives together. This YouTube video gives some insight into Black's life with a question and answer directed solely towards him, something fans surely enjoyed getting to see.

Let's return to the friendship between Matty Lee and Tom Daley. It's incredibly important for gay men and straight men to form the types of bonds that these two have together. Here we get to watch Daley wax Lee's chest for a diving event, something that audiences get to thirst over, but something that is never sexualized by Daley. Lee being comfortable with these types of interactions with his gay friend is both inspirational and an awesome example of allyship that hopefully others can learn from.

Tom Daley loves to be in the water, he also trains on a bicycle. Here the British athlete shows off his body in a bicycle jumpsuit, and fans get to enjoy the views and the change of scenery from the swimming pool workouts.

There's just something awesome about a man in pink. Daley enjoys showing off in his bright outfit here that will make many thirsty fans double and even triple-take when looking at the post!

Tom Daley loves showing the fun family moments with his husband on YouTube, and here the spouses put their artistic abilities to the test by painting each other. This is an activity that Daley took seriously, and Dustin Lance Black took satirically. This fits the Oscar winner's personality to a tee.

One of the reasons Tom Daley has such a fan following is due to his relatability. Daley aspiring to look like Harry Styles shows he's just like the rest of us. He decided to recreate one of the singer's most famous looks from 2021 in this cover shoot with Times Magazine. Dare we say that Tom looks just as good as Harry in this side-by-side? The diver certainly has a leg up on the fashion competition most of the time!

by Shawn Laib

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