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Out Country Star Adam Mac Ditches Festival after 'Promoting Homosexuality' Panic

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Out country star Adam Mac was scheduled to headline a music festival in his native Kentucky when concerns arose about whether he would "promote homosexuality" in his performance. Finding the ginned-up concerns "disheartening," Mac simply stepped away from the gig, Billboard Music reported.

"I don't really know what they expected I was going to do other than come and put on a hell of a show like we do," Mac said in a TikTok in which he related that he had been contacted by a member of the board of the Tobacco Festival in his home town of Russellville, Kentucky.

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The board member told him that "there were some board members and some people in town who had some questions about what kind of performance I would be putting on at the Tobacco Festival," Mac related. "She wanted to ensure that I would not be promoting homosexuality or sexuality in a family friendly environment."

Mac relayed that he was informed "that there were people in the town that were very upset that they would have a gay person headline the festival."

Mac lamented that "there are people who are angry that they asked me to come and perform in a town that I was raised in for 21 years of my life."

"Sure, they have the right to not listen to my music," the out country star added. "They have the right to not come to my show. But what's happening now is they are protesting, they're showing up at the chamber, they made comments online and to the chamber that they will be holding protests at the show, which is just so disheartening."

After a sleepless night, Mac decided to cancel his appearance, even though he felt he would be letting his fans down and "if I don't do the show I'm caving and letting those people win, which also, if you know me, is not something that I like to do."

Added Mac: "I'm really sad about it... I really, really wanted to be there."

It wasn't clear whether similar concerns were raised by the townsfolk with regard to heterosexual artists who might sing about straight romance or heartbreak, or otherwise promote straight sexuality at the "family friendly" event.

Check out some of the pics Mac has shared on his Instagram:

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