Bobby Berk attends the 5th Annual Jam For Janie GRAMMY Awards Viewing Party at Hollywood Palladium on February 4, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Elyse Jankowski/Getty Images)

Former 'Queer Eye' Star Bobby Berk Might Know Who Will Replace Him


Bobby Berk is allegedly moving on to bigger and better things after announcing that he was leaving Netflix's "Queer Eye" as a member of the Fab Five.

As speculation began to grow about why exactly he was leaving the show, Berk recently confirmed that he is working on a solo project that will give him his own show. But he also let it slip that a few disagreements with fellow cast members (especially Tan France) also reportedly helped cement his decision to leave.

But now Berk recently told People that he even might know whom show producers are planning to bring in to take his place.

"I hear somebody – I can't say who, because I don't know 100% – but if it is who I think it is, I think they're gonna be amazing," said Berk. "I can't say who because it's not my place to do so, but I've known them for years."

He added, "And I think they're gonna do great."

Beyond the news about who will replace him, Berk said he is "excited" for what the future holds for his career, and he finds fame less stressful when he is solo.

"It's funny, I was walking the carpet at the Emmys and, on one hand, I missed my castmates because it was at primetime," Berk said. "But on the other hand, I was like, it's actually – because I'm always the one to rally everybody. I'm always the wrangler. I'm always the one that's like, 'Okay, all right, let's keep moving.' It was kind of nice to just only worry about myself."

But don't worry, there is no bad blood, according to Berk. And he plans to keep watching "Queer Eye."

"They'll always be family," he said.

Who do you think should replace Mr. Berk?

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