Sir Ian McKellen attends the "Bent" 25th anniversary screening and Q&A at the BFI Southbank on September 27, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Nicky J Sims/Getty Images)

Sir Ian McKellen Is Now a Single Man After Splitting With Boyfriend

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Sir Ian McKellen, 84, is officially back on the market after reportedly splitting from his 30-year-old boyfriend.

Together for a rumored year, the "Lord of The Rings" actor reportedly was with beau Oscar Conlon-Morrey for a year after they met while playing mother and son respectively in the pantomime "Mother Goose" in 2022.

As reported by Daily Mail, an insider close to the former couple said: 'Oscar has been telling friends and family of his big plans with McKellen. He's even said he thinks they'll get engaged."

However, 'McKellen hasn't had a boyfriend in 20 years" and he is " not really a marriage man."

" He doesn't want a man living in his home. He enjoys having someone when he is on tour," said the source. "McKellen gets infatuated; then as quickly as he is into them, he's fallen out with them. There is no way when he is out of the bubble of doing this panto that he is going to have this guy with him in East London, rattling around."

A sad day for love, but something tells us the two talented actors will be just fine.

About Sir McKellen, he recently revealed to Jonathan Ross that he never got the chance to tell his parents that he was gay because they passed away when he was young, Daily Mail reports.

"As close as you can be when your mother dies at 12 and dad dies when you're 22," said McKellen when asked if he was close to his parents. "Never told them I was gay for example. Didn't see me do any of my best work. But I remember them with nothing but pleasure."

by Emell Adolphus

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