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'Queer Eye' Participants Defend Jonathan Van Ness After Exposé

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Perhaps Jonathan Van Ness isn't such a Loch Ness "monster" after all.

After a damning report in the Rolling Stone claimed that the "Queer Eye" star suffered from "rage issues" and brought the whole mood of the hit Netflix show down behind the scenes, the show's "hometown heroes" are coming to their defense.

According to a few profiles heroes, Ness has never been a "nightmare" – at least in front of them, Page Six reported.

Cory Waldrop, who was in the show's first season, recalled Ness letting him cut the productions food truck line. the hairstylist showing a kind gesture during filming by allowing him to cut production's food truck line.

And William Mahnken of season 2 claimed that Ness offered to bring him to the Emmys if their mother couldn't attend.

What's more is Michael Richard II of season 7 described Van Ness as "always bright and nice."

"[Van Ness] seemed well-liked by everybody," Richard told TMZ. That claim was corroborated by Ryan Dyer, who appeared in Season 5, who said it did not seem to him that Van Ness wanted "all the attention."

Just a little, right?

According to sources, the fab five – which includes Karamo Brown, Tan France, Bobby Berk and Antoni Porowski – are not fabulous friends.

"How is it not obvious to everybody that none of these people are friends?" one insider allegedly said. "None of them. They don't hang out socially. They live very different lives."

Designer Jeremiah Brent has been cast to replace the recently departed Berk, and the show has been renewed for season 9.

by Emell Adolphus

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