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The Steamiest Queer TV Moments of 2023

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Streaming services provided queer folk with a lot of sexy content to binge in 2023. One could make the argument that TV has far surpassed film when it comes to depicting sexual situations and, especially, nudity. And we at EDGE are most grateful.

So, it was fairly easy to select the steamiest male-centric scenes from TV this past year. FYI: There were quite a few shows that featured hot queer characters but very little gay romance or sex, like "Fall of the House of Usher", Season 2 of "Our Flag Means Death" and the final one of "Sex Education."

But "Fellow Travelers" made up for it, as you will see below.

Here are our selections for the Top 10 steamiest TV scenes of 2023.

Runners-up include the eye-popping boat scene featuring Mauricio Hénao and Julián Cerati in Netflix's "Fake Profile," and the hotties on "Holy Family."

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey in "Fellow Travelers"

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey in "Fellow Travelers"

The hottest gay show streaming in 2023 had to be the Golden Globe-nominated, epic gay love story, "Fellow Travelers." The show blended queer romance with political intrigue and spanned decades of storytelling from the 1950s McCarthy-led Lavender Scare to the 1980s AIDS pandemic. Based on the popular novel by Thomas Mallon and created by Oscar-nominee Ron Nyswaner ("Philadelphia"), the 8-part limited series stars Matt Bomer, giving the performance of his career as the charismatic Hawkins Fuller, and Jonathan Bailey, doing amazing work as idealist Tim Laughlin.

In terms of hot scenes between Hawk and Tim there are so many I lost count. But each episode pushed the boundaries and upped the ante (up who's ante?) when it came to gay intimacy. Whether Hawk was topping Tim or Tim was turning the topping tables, there was always plenty to satisfy gay viewers. Perhaps it was Tim's reversing the roles in the final episode that left us the most breathless, or Hawk tying Tim up in episode three, or the first time Hawk dominates Tim in the very first episode, OR the mutual masturbation scene in episode six. We'll have to rewatch it to decide.

"Fellow Travelers" is currently streaming on Showtime.

Jelani Alladin and Noah J. Ricketts in "Fellow Travelers"
Source: Showtime

Jelani Alladin and Noah J. Ricketts in "Fellow Travelers"

Not to be out-sexed, journalist Jelani Alladin as Marcus Hooks and Noah J. Ricketts as drag artist Frankie manage to steam up the small screen in a number of scenes. The sexiest might just be their first kiss in episode two...or their first sex scene in episode four. Marcus and Frankie's incredible relationship arc – and their hot romance – ground the series.

David Tomlinson in "Fellow Travelers"

Matt Bomer and David Tomlinson in "Fellow Travelers"

Matt Bomer's Hawk picks up hunky David Tomlinson in the very first episode, fucks him pretty intensely from behind in a hotel room, and then tosses him onto the bed, ass up. Tomlinson then proceeds to the bathroom to wash up and gifts viewers with one of the very few frontal shots in the series.

Matt Bomer, Jonathan Bailey and Morgan Lever in "Fellow Travelers"

Matt Bomer, Jonathan Bailey and Morgan Lever in 'Fellow Travelers'

Okay, just one more! This kinky 3-way from episode seven has Bomer's Hawk coaxing Bailey's Tim into a threesome with super sexy (and fully frontal) Craig (Morgan Lever). It gets pretty intense as Hawk penetrates Craig with Tim at his side. Simultaneously sad, infuriating, thrilling and tantalizing, this scene defines the Hawk/Tim relationship.

Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman in "The Last of Us"

Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett in "The Last of Us"

In the instantly beloved "Long Long Time" episode of HBO's dystopian series, "The Last of Us," Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett play an unlikely couple who end up in a loving relationship for over a decade after a dicey start. The very first time Bartlett kisses Offerman is a stunningly sensual moment. Then Bartlett sweetly asks Offerman to take a shower. He does and then joins Bartlett in bed. The love story here is truly unforgettable.

"The Last of Us" is streaming on MAX.

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